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Jetpak TWO Inkjet Mailer - we refill your Cartridge - black

Jetpak TWO Inkjet Mailer - we refill your Cartridge - black
Model No.: 160-100-01
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Jetpak Mailer - Jetpak 200. We will send you a complete POSTAGE-PAID jetpak mailer to send your inkjet cartridge directly to be refilled!

After your cartridge is received, it is cleaned, filled with premium quality ink formulated for your cartridge, tested, and returned to you! It s that simple!

Below is a partial listing of cartridge styles which can be sent in your UNI-KIT JetPak.

HP: 51606, 51608, 51625, 51626, 51629, 51633, 51640, 51640, 51644, 51645, 51649, 51650, C1816, C1823, C6578, C6614, C6615, C6656, C6657, C6658, 51639, C6625, C6628, HP 92, HP 93, HP 94, HP 95, HP 96, HP 97, HP 98, HP 99, HP 100, HP 21, HP 22 and more
NOTE: HP inkjet cartridge models ending in G, D, A, and N can all be recycled through this service
CANON: BC-01, BC-02, BC-05, BC-06, BC-09, BC-20, BC-22e, BC-23, BX-2, BX-3, BCI-21 Black, BCI-21 Color, BCI-3 Black, BCI-3C/M/Y, BCI-6 Black, BCI-6C/M/Y/PC/PM, BCI-10, BJI-801
LEXMARK: 10N0016, 10N0026, 12A1970, 12A1975, 12A1980, 12A1985, 12A1990, 1380560, 1380619, 1382050, 13619HC, 13620HC, 1361400, 13400HC, 17G0050, 1361400, 13400HC, 1361760, 1380619, 13619HC, 1380620, 13620HC, 1380630, 1382050, 1382060, 15M0120, 15M0125, 16G0055, 16G0065, 17G0050, 17G0060, 18L0032, 18L0042
COMPAQ: 333709-001, 333710-001, 333711-001, 333714-001, 333715-001
APPLE: M3240G/A, M4609G/A, M5579G/A, M5658G/A, M5659G/A, M5692G/A, M5693G/A, M5694G/A, M8014G/A, M8041G/C, M8052G/A
EPSON: S020025, S020031, S020034, S020036, S020047, S020049, S020089, S020093, S020097, S020108, S020187, S020189, S020191, T019201, T003011, T013201
BROTHER: LC01 Black, LC01C/M/Y, LC02 Black, LC02C/M/Y
XEROX: 8R4055, 8R7638, 8R7660, 8R7661, 8R7662, 8R7663, 8R7994, 8R7879, 8R7880, 8R7881, 8R7883
DELL: T0529, T0530, 7Y745, 7Y743, T0601, 7Y743, 7Y745, M4640, M4646
OKIJET: 5211001, 5211002, 5211003, 5211004

Note: The Jetpak 200 mailer is ONLY for black cartridges! If you need to refill a color cartridge you need the Jetpak 100 or Jetpak 600 or Jetpak 1200 mailers.

Revolutionary inkjet refill service, buy this Jetpak Mailer product and use the prepaid mailer to drop your cartridge in the mail! A few days later you will receive a professionally remanufactured cartridge as good as the original.

** OEM ink cartridges are simply too expensive. Our quality inkjet cartridges offer the inkjet printer user a less expensive option for quality inkjet cartridges at discount prices - without sacrificing print quality.
** We sell inkjet cartridges, inkjet cartridge refills and laser toner for all brands including Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Sharp, Xerox and more.

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