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Tips, tricks & money saving info
Buyer’s Guides
  1. PC Magazine.com – Buying Guide for Printers
    Inlcudes top ten buying tips, a budget guide and a comprehensive guide for those looking for a new printer. But remember - you get your supplies here!

  2. CNet – What to look for in a Printer
    Sooooo much good info on how to buy a printer, and what you need in terms of info to be able to do so.

  3. Smart Computing – How to buy an inkjet printer
    Price, print quality and speed are the focuses of this article and series.

Technology & Miscellaneous

  1. Tom's Hardware Guide - General Purpose Inkjet Printers
    A great resource for those looking to buying a new printer or curious about the inner workings of inkjet printers. This article also breaks down the total cost of owning and operating a number of inkjet printers that are currently on the market. Tom's Hardware Guide also conducts a review of printer features, speed, price, total cost and print quality for the top printers from Canon, Epson, HP and Lexmark.

  2. How Stuff Works – How Printers Work
    If you really want to know how these inkjet printers work, this is the article, series AND website for you...

  3. "Guzzlejet Printers" – What's the real cost?
    It's no secret that the cost of consumables is much higher for inkjet printers than it is for laser printers -- and for the makers of those consumables, it's big business indeed...

  4. DriverGuide.com
    A"searchable archive of over 60,000 driver files, manufacturer information and links." to drivers and the installation of drivers.

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