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Epson Chip Resetter 4.0

Epson Chip Resetter 4.0
Model No.: 145-139-01
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This Epson Chip Resetter will reset the newer Epson T077, T078, T068, T069, T0711, T0712, T0713, T0714 series 9-pin inkjet cartridges as well as all older 7-pin cartridges back to full specs. Our Epson Chip Resetter will reset the "smart chip" on Epson cartridges multiple times.

Reset cartridge chips to factory specs, showing full ink levels and providing the same number of cycles as when the chip was new. The resetter is guaranteed to work on Original brand cartridge chips, but may not work on "compatible chips" manufactured by 3rd parties.


Who needs the Epson Chip Resetter? Anyone wanting to refill these cartridges. Epson designed a killer chip to render these cartridges useless unless they are re-set.

  • Why did Epson do this? To deter refilling of these cartridges. There is no other reason to program a cartridge to be empty, even if it is full.
  • Our Epson Resetter works every time! Easy to use, a few seconds of pressing your cartridge to the resetter and your cartridge is recharged and fully operational.

Works with, but is not limited to the following Cartridge Models: T068120*, T069120*, T069220*, T069320*, T069420*, T069520*, T077120*, T077220*, T077320*, T077420*, T077520*, T077620*, T078120*, T078220*, T078320*, T078420*, T078520*, T078620*, T007, T008, T009, T015, T016, T017, T018, T0100, T026, T027, T028, T029, T036, T037, T038, T039, T040, T041, T057, T058, T066, T067, T0321, T0322, T0323, T0324, T0331, T0332, T0333, T0334, T0711*, T0712*, T0713*, T0714*

Resettable Printer models: EPSON STYLUS PHOTO: 780, 790, 870, 890, 895, 1270, 1280, 1290, 900, 950, 2000P, 2100, 2200, R260*, R280*, R380*, RX580* and more? EPSON STYLUS: C680, 685, 777, 810, 820 /925, 830U, C60, C61, C62, C64, C66, CX3100, CX3200, C41, C42UX, C43, C44UX, C45, C46, C48, CX1500, C70, C80, C82, C82N, C84, CX4600, CX5000*, CX6000*, CX5100, CX5200, CX5300, CX5400, CX6400, CX6600 and more.

* PLEASE NOTE: The models marked with an asterisk use a new generation 9-Pin Epson chip (T068, T069, T077 and T078 cartridges). For these cartridges, the printer reads more than just the chip when determining the ink level status for the cartridge. The printer also reads ink level sensors INSIDE the cartridge, so the cartridge needs to be both properly resetted AND properly refilled in order for the printer to recognize it as full. Following our refill instructions will allow you to properly know how to refill, so make sure you order our refill kit to ensure success! This caution does not apply to the 7 pin cartridges/chips, the cartridge numbers not marked with an asterisk.

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