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Buyer’s Guides

  1. PC – Buying Guide for Printers
    Inlcudes top ten buying tips, a budget guide and a comprehensive guide for those looking for a new printer. But remember - you get your supplies here!

  2. CNet – What to look for in a Printer
    Sooooo much good info on how to buy a printer, and what you need in terms of info to be able to do so.

  3. Smart Computing – How to buy an inkjet printer
    Price, print quality and speed are the focuses of this article and series.

Technology & Miscellaneous

  1. Tom’s Hardware Guide - General Purpose Inkjet Printers
    A great resource for those looking to buying a new printer or curious about the inner workings of inkjet printers. This article also breaks down the total cost of owning and operating a number of inkjet printers that are currently on the market. Tom’s Hardware Guide also conducts a review of printer features, speed, price, total cost and print quality for the top printers from Canon, Epson, HP and Lexmark.

  2. How Stuff Works – How Printers Work
    If you really want to know how these inkjet printers work, this is the article, series AND website for you...

  3. "Guzzlejet Printers" – What's the real cost?
    It’s no secret that the cost of consumables is much higher for inkjet printers than it is for laser printers -- and for the makers of those consumables, it's big business indeed...

    A"searchable archive of over 60,000 driver files, manufacturer information and links." to drivers and the installation of drivers.


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